Ghana Discussion and 2020 Tour

If you're not busy Labor day weekend and have always wanted to visit Ghana or learn about the people, culture and business opportunities, come out and hear from our guest speakers.

Nkiruka Yakini will also discuss her 2020 tour and Wayne Francis will share his experiences and projects. 

This event was held on Saturday, Aug 31st at Sister's Uptown Bookstore (1942 Amsterdam Ave, corner of 156th St) from 1pm - 3pm...$5.00/$7.00 suggested donation to help cover venue and reimburse travel costs. Some of Ndigo’s products will be available for purchase.

Nkiruka Yakini will also discuss her 2020 tour and she will be joined by Nana Zakia, Former Repatriate and Queen Mother Enstooled in Ghana on Sunday, Sept 1st. This event was held at 303 Bedford Avenue/Deck Africa and a part of the Sacred Healing Caravan. Some of Ndigo's products were available for purchase.

The Healing Drum Collective was invited to open the Bday celebration for Sistah Velvet Toi at the Wow Theatre on Sun, Sept 15th. Ndigo and Sistah Ellore will open with libations, poetry and drumming. Ndigo will announce and share some of her products.